New Features

This week we launched a new feature which allows professors to automatically fill in grades according to filters.  To use , simply go to the gradebook, click on the three horizontal chevrons and select "Autofill Grades"

Once you click on "Autofill Grades", you'll be presented with the following options.

You can configure these options to match the criteria you are looking for. Once done selecting, the text in the bottom left will show you the number of students the operation will affect. 

Submission Responses
This week we also launched the ability to reply to submissions with audio responses! 

Now to reply to a student's submission, any instructor can click the "Record Audio" button and reply with their voice which will be automatically converted and be made playable in any browser for the student to hear. 

Bug Fixes

Document Viewer
This release also contains a fix for transparent images and pdf's where a grey background would show up instead of a white background.

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