General Performance

We've spent a great deal of time optimizing what information is loaded and when it's loaded. This release helps optimize the information notebowl needs so that pages load quicker and the platform consumes less data overall.

The areas of improvement are:

  • Assignments

  • Assessments

  • Gradebook

  • Groups

New Features

Color Redesign
Our design team has also been very busy the last few months updating all of the colors we use to be more accessible and nicer to look at. This update includes a complete overhaul of all of the colors used by the platform.

More Notifications
There are now more notifications! You will now receive notifications around course and group enrollments as well as when professors or admins respectively post.

Hovering over an event in the calendar now shows the details of the calendar event instead of having to click on it.

Admin Group Control
Dashboard has been updated to support more actions for courses and groups.


Start grades at - instead of 0 or 100% when there are no grades present.

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