Where are announcements posted on Notebowl?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to make course, group, department, club, student service, advisor, one-on-one, and campus wide announcements via the news feed, alert system and intercom messaging system

How are students and faculty notified of new announcements or assignments?

  • Notebowl especially provides a digital syllabus for students to access on the right hand side of the platform. Notebowl is optimized for mobile and provides a social media style user experience suited for end-users such as faculty and students. Notifications are sent directly for assignments, due dates and updates. They are also driven in a style that is conformed to natural behavior of the end-user, being similar to other social media style platforms.

Does Notebowl have notifications?

  • Notebowl send notifications of activity based on preferences to the end-user on each course they are in. We also go above and beyond by sending notifications not only to active course but to archived classes. This enables classes to keep communication going even beyond the initial semester.

Do students have the ability to upload profile pictures?

  • All students have the ability to upload their own profile pictures like mentioned above. This allows users to search on the course roster and see students by their picture.

How are Notebowl’s discussion board assignments different than others?

  • Notebowl’s discussion boards are a one of a kind social media style user experience. Students can post directly to the discussion board assignment, like, comment, share a photo or file, or provide a link. You can utilize the discussion board for blogs and/or wikis. We also recommend to share links to other tools that you have used in the discussion board for peer review opportunities and an easy way to share content with the class. Faculty have the easiest way to grade discussion board via our feature called submissions.

Do you have analytics on discussion boards?

  • Yes, Notebowl provides an admin dashboard for student and faculty analytics.

How do I give feedback on assignments/discussion boards?

  • Each assignment/discussion board on Notebowl provides a private feedback chat box between the student and the faculty. 

Can I interact and share feedback with students on discussion boards/assignments?

  • Each assignment/discussion board on Notebowl provides a feedback chat box between the student and the faculty. 

Is Notebowl integrated with Google apps for education (G Suite)?

  • Notebowl provides a seamless integration with G-Suite and is open to other integrations with customers based on need. We see ourselves with every customer as a development partnership. We’d love to hear back from you on your needs for an integration and how we can customize the Notebowl experience to each and every end-user at the university.

What integrations does Notebowl have and what’s your integration plan?

  • We support LTI which can allow many tools and applications to be integrated into the Notebowl platform. Notebowl’s social features can also be integrated into learning management systems allowing for you to take advantage of the best of Notebowl inside of LMS’ like Canvas. Our integration plan includes utilizing not only LTI but API’s to allow seamless integrations of other platforms with Notebowl and to make the user experience around integrations much easier.

Are there rubrics on Notebowl?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to upload directly to the feedback section of an assignment a rubric. This allows the students to also see the feedback and provide comments directly and privately to the faculty member. Rather than one-way communication, Notebowl provides two-way communication to enhance the learning and collaborative experience.

What kind of media or materials can be added to a post on the bulletin?

  • Students and faculty can post videos, photos, links, upload files and more to the bulletin.

What kind of documents can be uploaded to Notebowl?

  • We provide a documents area for faculty in each course to upload resources, books, any file type, links and contain them in folders. Users can turn a folder or file to become private or public to the students in the course. We also provide document storage personally for each user via the documents tab. Users can upload documents here on their own. Storage for courses is unlimited. We do have precautions in place to notify users once storage goes above 10GB for each course to make sure the documents are valid and being used correctly.

Do you have the ability to add surveys or polls?

  • With the news feed, Notebowl has the ability for students to answer questions, comment and like surveys or polls. The news feed is structured similar to a social media like new feed. Where you can easily ask a question and provide answers in comments that can be liked to mimic a survey or poll. You can also provide links to any outside tool to use for this purpose.

Is there a calendar?

  • Yes, Notebowl’s calendar is used like a digital syllabus to help track assignments, test, quizzes, meetups and more!

Is the calendar linked to mobile devices?

  • If you sync your Google Calendar with Notebowl, you’ll be able to access events on your Google Calendar, which if you have the Google Calendar or iCal app, you’ll see them on your mobile device.

Is there a storage limit for documents on Notebowl?

  • Storage for courses is unlimited. We do have precautions in place to notify users once storage goes above 10GB for each course to make sure the documents are valid and being used correctly.

Can you detect plagiarism?

  • Yes, we can integrate with Turnitin directly into Notebowl

Can you upload files directly from your computer?

  • Yes, you can upload and download as many files as you’d like. You can upload files directly to the news feed (or bulletin), via documents (course or user), and assignments.

Can you download files directly from Notebowl?

  • Downloading files is very easy and can be done via any of the same features on Notebowl.

Are there analytics?

  • Notebowl provides an administrative dashboard for admin to manage courses, see overall university level analytics, usage data, and more.

What analytics does the platform provide?

  • The admin dashboard provides insight into user analytics like posts, comments, likes, media, links, information, usage, logins, login behavior, and more. You can access this directly inside of the Notebowl platform by heading to your profile and clicking ‘admin dashboard’. 

Can you integrate with an SIS?

  • Notebowl integrates with Student Information Systems including Banner where we sync course enrollments directly over to Notebowl and automatically manage terms. Term management is unique on Notebowl, automatically archiving courses after the semester which can be immediately accessible via the view courses tab on Notebowl under your active term and courses.

What SIS’ integrate with Notebowl?

  • We integrate with Peoplesoft by Oracle, Banner and can customize an integration to your institution’s need. Please contact us if you have a custom SIS or one that is not listed. We are happy to integrate with new SIS’ and include that in our statement of work included in a license agreement.

Can you record audio and video?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to record video via YouTube Live or Google Hangouts on Air. Those videos can be made private and used for lectures, office hours, submissions, group work and much more.

Is the layout, design and navigation customizable?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to customize the branding, logo, domain and course layout. We pride ourselves on our user friendly design and allow faculty to modify names of the course tabs and remove if necessary.

Is there an HTML editor?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to edit and modify the text within assignments in a social media style that is better conformed to the faculty and students of today.

What is the quiz and exam administration like?

  • Notebowl has quizzes and exams directly in the assignments tab on courses. These exams or quizzes can easily be created with question types including multiple choice, multiple select, free response and true or false. Faculty can easily see quick stats on questions answered, create questions with ease, and the exam saves automatically when creating.

Can you input extra credit?

  • Yes, you can have weighted categories, drop the lowest grade from each category, extra credit, grade rounding and curving are all included among many more features of grading.

Can you give partial point credit on assignments?

  • Yes, partial point credit can be given and this can be edited from the gradebook.

Can I upload my question bank for exams and quizzes?

  • Notebowl is currently developing the functionality to provide test banks and will be launched soon! Robust gradebook features are available and explained more above.

What are groups?

  • Groups are a big piece of the puzzle on Notebowl. You can create private or secret groups on Notebowl for clubs, organizations, departments, student services, communication, faculty, or student groups. The Notebowl news feed (or bulletin) provides an easy way of seeing posts from not only course but groups. This allows for communication to be at the forefront of the platform. And because groups are combined with courses, students are much more likely to see communication and open notifications. Notebowl notifications are opened on average over 86% of the time. Making it very easy to communicate and have students be aware of any type of communication. Rather than use outdated ways of communication like physical flyers, portals, or email, use Notebowl groups to drive engagement and collaboration on campus.

Can I chat 1 on 1 with my students or faculty?

  • Yes, students can create a simple group to communicate with students and or faculty. We also plan on having more functionality in the future to facilitate one on one communication. Be on the lookout for new features to be released!

Can you have conditional and adaptive release of content, and user specific content?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to release assignments based on visibility date along with documents by being private or public and releasing them to the students.

Do you have the ability to assign observers to students?

  • Notebowl can tie an account to a student and faculty can view as a student on courses.

Do you have the ability to integrate closed captioning for video and audio content?

  • We use YouTube for videos and you can see closed captioning on there.

Is Notebowl fully ADA compliant?

  • Notebowl complies with a majority of WCAG 2.0 standards.

Do you have the ability to integrate with external applications such as Google, Office 365?

  • Notebowl integrates directly with G-Suite including YouTube, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live and more.

Is Notebowl optimized for mobile?

  • Notebowl is optimized for mobile and readily available with a vast majority of browsers and versions. We recommend use of Notebowl on Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Do you have the ability to integrate with Web Ex, and other web-based video conferencing solutions?

  • Yes, we can integrate with web-based video conferencing like mentioned above.

Do you have the ability to integrate with Share Stream and other video streaming platforms?

  • Yes, we can integrate with web-based video systems like mentioned above. You can also utilize our documents in courses to house videos, make them private and not downloadable for students based on courses and enrollment from the SIS.

Can you integrate with the Library for electronic reserves?

  • Yes, we can integrate library resources and especially via groups so the libraries can communicate directly with students.

Does you have the ability to host and assess competency based education courses?

  • Notebowl provides the ability to have collaborative functionality on courses and discussion boards that provide the ability to have aspects of CBE.

Can faculty preview what students see on Notebowl?

  • Notebowl has a stunning way to see the course as a generic student/TA or specific student. You can select students from a dropdown list and navigate the course as you were them. You can see their assignments, go into the assignments directly and even view grades from their perspective.

Does Notebowl have the ability to handle student organizations & campus communities?

  • ou can replace or add-on Notebowl for the ability to manage student organizations and campus communities via groups on Notebowl. Bringing both your academics and non-academics into one place.

Does Notebowl provide SSO?

  • Notebowl provides SSO into the Notebowl platform

Who owns the data on Notebowl?

  • The university remains the owner of all data relevant to their instance. The university can request data at any point in time and if it is not immediately available in the admin dashboard it can be made available within 30 days. Notebowl retains the right to keep anonymized data for the purposes of providing services. 

Where is your data being stored?

  • Data is stored in databases that are partitioned with different encryption keys per institution. The location of the database can be requested by the institution in any of the geographical areas serviced by GCE.

Do you have the ability to handle non Banner accounts?

  • Notebowl can handle guest or non-banner accounts easily via adding onto the admin dashboard or providing an invitation link to the course for the user to register for an account through Notebowl.

Is there a mobile app?

  • Notebowl is optimized for mobile on all major browsers. Notebowl will be launching our mobile app for iOS and Android soon.

Can Notebowl be an integration to our current LMS?

  • Yes, Notebowl can integrate into your current LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, D2L etc.

Can Notebowl replace an LMS?

  • Yes, Notebowl can be a stand alone LMS and replace any current LMS.

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