We've been very busy the last few weeks and we've got updates for everyone!

General Performance

We've improved the speed of rendering for the platform as a whole. This is due to a core upgrade that took us over 4 months to complete and it is finally ready for prime time! Areas of greater improvement are listed below:

  • Bulletin

  • Gradebook

  • Assignment Submissions

  • Rosters with 300+ Students

  • Assessments with 30+ Questions

New Features

Document Slideshow
In the documents tab you can now find a new button called preview

This button allows any user to select the files they'd wish to view in a group. Once the files have been selected, when pressed the button will display a preview starting with the first item and the other selected items will appear in the bottom row as thumbnails.

Google Hangouts Attendance Grade
This feature allows professors to create a hangout and assign participation points for students to open the hangout. To create a graded hangout, simply create a hangout on air as you normally do, then select "Use Grade Attendance"

Once you create the hangout it will appear as pictured below for both professors and students. 

Then when students join they will receive the amount of points you have allocated in the the category chosen for the hangout and the result will appear as below in your gradebook.

Grades are then treated as any other grades and can be modified as the instructor sees fit.

Audio Submissions (Beta)
Now as a part of file submission assignments, students can create and upload audio files directly from their computer. Professors only have to select "File Submission" and from the student perspective it will appear as pictured below.

For students to record an audio submission, they can click on the "Record Audio" button. This will bring up the record area and allow them to record as many tries as they like until they are ready to submit. 

Once they are done recording they can press the "Stop" button to then preview the audio recording. 

The control interface allows the creator to scrub back and forth for easy previewing of the audio recording. The "click here" link will delete the current recording and allow a new one to be recorded. Once the recording is finalized, students can click the "Use Recording" button which will close the tool and create a file for submission. 

At this point the assignment can be submitted. Once the student submits their assignment, it will appear as a normal attachment and previewable just as many other types of files.

Other Improvements

A column has been added to the assignments tab showing how many assignments have been graded.

We've updated a few of our colors to be more consistent across the platform. 

Accessibility in general was improved with this release including aria tagging. 

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