You're looking into Notebowl for your school or university and want the details on what Notebowl provides in terms of support, onboarding and migration. Below you'll find the key details regarding our premium plan and what we offer to our customers.

We're here for you!

Our team is here to help and support you using Notebowl with having our team of experts provide custom demonstrations to faculty and students. We'll work side by side with you through the entire process from onboarding to launch to success! You'll get experts from the Notebowl team to talk directly with via phone or email. If there's any questions or ideas you have, we'll add those directly to our roadmap and work with your institution in identifying further functionality to continually iterate our platform and make it the best possible for our users! 

Here's the details on how we work with you to kick things off:

  • Conduct and run over Admin Dashboard and Onboarding

  • Provide remote demonstrations for faculty and groups on campus

  • Prepare classrooms and groups & assist with use cases, content and examples for success

  • Launch!

Dashboard, Analytics & Data Management

We give you the power to customize your needs on the administrative dashboard on the platform. Access courses, users, settings, groups, and even search the entire dashboard. See course and user analytics, as well as general organization level analytics. Provide your admin with super admin access to all classes in your organization and have the ability to see activity from a high-level. Admins can alter courses, users, information and keep enrollments up-to-date.


Customize your branding, login pages as well as thumbnail images. Easily customize your organization colors, default course layouts, support messaging, feature management, and more! You'll have the ability to collaborate with our team to assess any additional customization needs.


Included in our premium plan, we offer support from 9-5pm Arizona Time weekdays and prioritize tickets for our customers. We'll make sure feature requests are heavily considered. We'll support any last second changes for classes, or if certain customization is needed. All support is handled through our intercom messaging system. However, if intercom isn't enough, we can provide a phone number to call for our premium clients to help walk through an issue.

  • Prioritization of feature requests

  • Prioritization of customer support tickets

  • Support calls

  • IM and Phone Support weekdays (9-5pm MST)

  • Use case customization

  • 99.9% Uptime


Our team helps to onboard users automatically with our onboarding system called Intercom. Intercom helps to display messages based on user sessions that provide tips and tricks into using the Notebowl platform whether your a student or faculty member. We will provide remote demonstrations that can be recorded and shared among the faculty to learn how to use the platform. 

  • On-site visits to school for onboarding and demonstrations (full license only)

  • Ability to have custom use cases sessions for faculty and students

  • Remote demonstrations made available to onboard

Data Imports & Integration

We can support and assist in integration of courses coming from a previous learning system to Notebowl. We typically use common course cartridge to migrate course data such as content, files, gradebook structure, announcements, etc.

  • SIS and/or LMS integration

  • Assistance and integration of course content from previous systems

  • Single sign-on (SSO)

  • Google Apps for Education

  • Common Course Cartridge to integrate content from a previous Learning Management System (LMS)


Our pricing is determined by the number of students (FTE) at the university, school or organization. Pricing starts as low as $5 per student per year for higher education and K12 clients, depending on the size of the school.

Student Pay

We have a student pay option for individual faculty at colleges and universities that would like to use our Notebowl platform. We charge students $25 to access their course. Instructors are not charged and no additional charge is made for using the system or for any TA's. 

Student Pay allows faculty to gain access to all that Notebowl provides our customers and gives faculty premium access to our customer happiness team!

Privacy & FERPA

Notebowl is FERPA Certified and keeps the university and school in full control of the student data that's on the platform. A big advantage is you can get the social learning environment without the downsides of the privacy issues related to public social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


We comply with the majority of WCAG 2.0 standard and we are continuously working with institutions to improve our ADA compatible feature set

PCI Compliance

We adhere to all PCI data security standards in protecting our users' data and information.


Notebowl is a cloud-based  platform using Amazon Web Services alongside Google Cloud.


All data is encrypted on transmission and again upon storage, and our servers sit behind dual firewalls.

Programming Languages

The platform was developed using PHP and Ruby on Rails.

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