On-site training (full day, 6 hour agenda)

  • Full day, onsite and in-person | up to 25 teachers or individuals

  • In-person training that demonstrates the power of social learning first hand

  • A collaborative experience customized to meet the needs and experience of your teachers, key stage levels, and subject. Led by a Notebowl Certified Trainer, this course covers core tools and features ensuring participants learn everything there is to know about NoteBowl, and leave the course with strategic best practices for the classroom.

Online training (2 hour agenda)

  • A Notebowl Certified Trainer will showcase how to leverage the platform and get the most out of your social learning environment.

  • A Notebowl Workshop is designed to give participants everything they need to save time, develop 21st century skills, and increase learning outcomes. The course can be customized to meet the needs and experience of every educator, grade level, and subject area.

Full day, online or in-person typically covers:

  • Setup: Teacher, student, and parent accounts

  • Groups: Creating, organizing, and managing

  • Bulletin: discussion, posts, comments, links, video, google hangouts, etc

  • Assignments: assessments, quizzes, online submissions and group projects

  • Discussion Boards: grading, initiating, posting and commenting

  • Agenda: Unlimited storage to organize and share resources

  • Use Cases: custom use cases, question and answer session, popular use cases

Participants will leave with the tools and best practices needed to create strategies around improving classroom instruction and engagement

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