In this article, you'll find information on the difference between Private and Public folders, and how to add and remove folders.

If you're looking for tips on how to upload, edit, download and remove files click here.

Private vs. Public Folders

When you navigate to the Documents tab on Notebowl, you'll notice two distinct folders labeled Public and Private. They may appear the same, but here are the main differences:

  • Private: Only your account can access this folder. No other instructor, TA, or user can see or access this folder.
  • Public: Everyone in the associated course can see what is in this folder. Instructors often place syllabi, course materials, or files for students to view in this folder.

You cannot delete these two folders, but once you select a folder you'll be able to edit its contents. If you would like to download all content from either Public or Private folders to your computer, click on the Download icon to the far right of the folder you'd like to download.

Adding Folders

Once you select "Public" or "Private" folder, you'll be able to add folders!

First, click the blue "Create Folder" icon.

Add the name you would like to use for your new folder. And select "Create".

Your folder should appear below!

Removing Folders

To remove a folder on NoteBowl, start by clicking the empty box to the left of the folder name you would like removed.

Next, click the trash can icon above the folders!

Once you click the trash can, you'll be prompted to confirm the removal of the folder. Click "Delete Items" and your folder will be removed.

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