This article covers how to create a new grade column in your Grades section of NoteBowl.

Creating a Column for a Test/Quiz or Assignment

Grade columns in your gradebook are immediately created when a test/quiz or assignment is created in the Assignments tab. To learn how to create a test/quiz or assignment click one of the following links:

Creating a non-test/quiz/assignment Grade Column

Often courses have participation grades or other non-test/quiz/assignment grades. To create a new grade column in your gradebook, follow these easy steps:

1. Within your course, navigate to the Grades tab (circled in green below):

2. Click the blue "Create Grade" box below the navigation tabs.

3. Type out the title of grade, select the appropriate grade category, the due date of the grade, and how many points the grade is worth. When you're done, click the blue "Create" button (circled in green below).

4. Look in the gradebook and you'll see your new column! To grade this column, just type numbers in the empty boxed rows and hit enter.

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