If you are an instructor looking to create a reading homework that is not graded, yet still tied to a due date, there are currently two main options.

The first option is to create an assignment with 0 points. By creating an assignment, you can upload any associated materials (i.e. readings) and tie the assignment to a specific date. However, this will create a column in your gradebook so if you have a large number of non-graded assignments, this may not be ideal.

The second option is to create an event in the calendar tied to the due date. By creating an assignment in your calendar, students will see all due dates in their agenda. However, you can not upload materials to calendar events.

Creating Reading Assignments in Assignments

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab within the course page you're looking to create the non-graded assignment. Within the assignment tab, click the blue button (circled in green below) titled "Create Assignment".

2. Fill out the Assignment details, and make sure to type "0" in the Points section.

3. When you're done with filling out the assignment details, click the blue "Create" button at the bottom of the Create Assignment pop-up window.

Quick Note: If you need help with the Create Assignment window, click here to learn about each section.

Creating Reading Assignments in the Calendar


1. Look to the left of your browser for the Calendar navigation bar. Click the word Calendar (circled in green below).

2. Click the green "Create Event" button above the Calendar:

3. Give your assignment a title, and select your course from the drop down menu. Select the due date and time for your non-graded assignment. Add a location (optional) and description (optional).

4. Click the blue "Create" button and the assignment will be added to your course's agenda.

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