This article covers the basics of individual assignment creation: adding titles, points, description, due dates, uploading files, and editing submission types. If you are looking for information on creating group projects or assignments, click here

Creating an Assignment

First, navigate to the Assignments tab within the course page you're looking to create an assignment. Within the assignment tab, click the blue button (circled in green below) titled "Create Assignment".

Assignment Titles and Categories

The "Create Assignment" pop-up window will appear! First, next to Title fill out the name you would like the Assignment you're creating to publicly appear as. Move down to the Category drop-down box and select the category of the Assignment.

If you have not created your Grade categories, or need help editing the categories, click here to learn how. 

Assignment Points and Descriptions

Below Category, enter in the amount of Points you'd like the assignment you are creating to be worth. Next you'll be prompted to add a Description of the assignment. Here's where students look for instructions, tips, or links to relevant assignment materials. The Description box can be left blank if the assignment needs no instructions or if you will be attaching a rubric/instructions in the form of a file.

Quick Tip: NoteBowl can embed YouTube videos directly into Assignment descriptions! All you have to do is paste the YouTube link in the Description box in the Create Assignment pop-up window. (Seen below in the example picture.)

Visible and Due Dates

The following section, Visible On, allows you as an instructor to create your assignments privately, and then publicly release them on a specific date. Choose a date and time you would like the assignment to be seen by your students. The next section, Due is the date and time the assignment is due for your students. In the example below, the assignment is due on August 1st, 2015 at 11:59pm, but became visible on July 1st at 5:00pm.

Attaching Files to Assignments

Beneath Due you'll notice Attachments. If you click the "Attach Files" box (circled in green in the example below), you'll be prompted by your computer to upload any files you would like your students to see when viewing the assignment details.

For example, this is where you should upload any written rubrics, PDFs, images, videos, or any other type of file that students should view when completing the assignment.

Assignment Submissions & Late Submissions

If students need to submit a file for the assignment you're creating, look below the Attachments section and you'll see the Submissions section. Next to Submission Type, select the drop-down menu and you'll have the option to have "No Submission" (for an assignment without any submitted files) or "Online Submission" (for assignments with necessary submitted files). Select "Online Submission" and now the assignment you've created will require students to submit their work by the due date you've pre-selected.

Quick Tip: If you'd like to allow students to submit their assignments late, click the checkbox "Allow Late Submissions" next to the drop-down menu. When this is selected, students will be allowed to turn in submissions past the due date, but the assignment will be marked late.

For more information on how to create a Group assignment, click here.

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