Video Player within viewer

Happy to announce that we have just launched the ability to watch videos within our document viewer on Notebowl. To try this new functionality out, you can upload a video file (i.e. mp4 file) to the bulletin or documents area in your courses.

Upload file to documents

If you're looking to add a video file to your documents area on your course, follow the quick steps below:

  1. Select a course

  2. Click 'documents'

  3. Click 'public' or 'private'

  4. Select 'upload' and select a mp4 file to upload (mov files also supported for mac users only)

  5. File will appear within documents

  6. Click on the document to open in viewer

Bulletin post attachment

  1. Go to your course to write-up a post

  2. Click the 'paper clip' icon on the top right corner of the post bar and upload a file

  3. You can write text with your attachment (see below)

  4. Click 'post' when ready to post to class

See example below:

Attaching video file to bulletin post

Post on bulletin

Click 'preview' to watch video within document viewer

Document viewer with video file

Press play and enjoy!

Even in full-screen!

Uploaded video file within course documents

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