Release Notes - NoteBowl Platform - Version 0.9.3

Bug Fixes

  • Assignments without a due date show up on calendar and agenda panel

  • Navigating to a link when not logged into WebAuth does not return user to that link upon login

  • Teachers can't grade an assignment after viewing past submissions

  • Assessments missing maximum value validation

  • grader ipe doesn't work if tabbed to

  • Remove old courses from the bulletin post bar

  • Assignment groups # submitted Incorrect

  • Group assignments: assignments page "Status" column does not work properly

  • Calendar edit event modal in edit mode for invited event

  • Assignment groups submission count does not sort correctly

  • Entering a blank comment causes stuck pending state

  • Pressing [Escape] twice in IE clears all input fields on page

  • Blank attachments can be uploaded without errors

  • All assignments disappear when category name is changed

Improvements Made

  • Remove "Add" button on add event modal

  • Make bulletin post comments collapsible

  • Comments should support Shift + Enter Functionality for multiple lines

  • Hide 'x' in attendee list when user can't edit an event

  • Drop/cancel buttons consistency

  • Made calendar navbars responsive

  • Add days/weeks to reminders (under settings)

  • Time element in post as permalink to singular post

  • Redesign table headers

  • Assignment performance improvements

  • Toggle gradebook between % and points

  • Confirmation modal for starting assessment

  • Add checkbox confirmation to deleting assignments

  • Add no active courses to left bar

  • Performance improvements all around

New Feature

  • Google hangout attendance email report for professor

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