This article covers how to receive technical support from NoteBowl while you are using the platform. If you are looking for help with your course or university, please speak to your professor, department, or university representative.

Asking Support Questions

One of the advantages of using NoteBowl is having direct access to our support team. Once you have logged in, you will notice on every page a blue circle "?" in the bottom left of your web page.

Click on the blue circle. As you can see in the example below, once you select the blue circle, a pop-out window will appear on the right of your browser. Click the blue "New Conversation" button to ask your question.

Simply type your comment in the text box:

When the NoteBowl team has responded to your question, you will see a notification on the bottom of your screen near the blue circle "?"

Re-click the "?" bubble, and you will see the answer to your question!

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