This article covers how to create a group, how to name the group, and how to invite members to your group.

Creating a Group

1. Look to the left of your web browser while on the NoteBowl platform. Next to the word "My Groups" you will see a gray "+" symbol. Click the "+" (seen below circled in green):

2. A pop-up window titled "Create New Group" will appear. Next to the text "Group Name" type in the empty text box the name of your group. For example, "Study Group", "Discussion Group", "Science Club", etc. When you're done typing, click the blue "Next" button:

3. Next, you will be prompted to add members to your group. You can always add members after the group's creation, but if you already know some members it's easier to add them now!

Reminder: Only current NoteBowl users can be a part of a group. If a member is not using NoteBowl, they will not be able to be added to your group.

To add members, type their name into the empty text box. NoteBowl will help you find their name:

4. Select and add the members of your group, then click the blue "Create" button:

5. Look to the left of your web browser, under "My Groups" and you will see the group you have just created!

Adding Members after Group Creation

If you have already created a group and would like to add more members, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your group by clicking on its name on the left of your web browser under "My Groups":

2. Once you are in your group, click on the "Members" tab:

3. Click on the blue "Add Members" button. A pop-up window will appear titled "Add Members".

4. Type the name of the members you would like to add. Select their name(s) and then click the blue "Add" button:

5. Your new members are now a part of your group!

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