This article covers how to add connect your YouTube account to your NoteBowl account.

How to Add your YouTube Account

1. Log in to NoteBowl.

2. Click your name in the top right of your web browser:

3. When you click your name, a drop down menu will appear. Click the word "Settings" from the menu:

4. You will be brought to your profile settings page. From here, click on the "Videos" tab:

5. On the Videos tab, click the blue "Add YouTube Account" button:

6. A new window will open from Google, prompting you to enter your email and password to the account you would like to Sync. Then, click the blue "Sign In" button. If you are already signed in, look to the next step.

7. Click the blue "Accept" button on the next step that allows NoteBowl offline access to your account:

8. The window will close and bring you back to NoteBowl, where shortly, your YouTube account will appear!

9. If you need to remove the YouTube account, just click the "X" to the right of the account:

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