This article covers how to create events in the calendar. If you're looking to learn how to create reading assignments in the calendar, click here.

How to create an Event in the Calendar

1. Look to the left of your browser for the Calendar navigation bar. Click the word Calendar (circled in green below).

2. Click the green "Create Event" button above the Calendar:

3. Give your event a title and assign the event to one of your calendars from the drop down menu. Then, select a date and time for your event. And, for fun you can choose a color for your event!

Quick note: You can make any event an all day event by clicking the empty check box by the word "All Day" You can also make any event repeat over any period of time by clicking the empty check box by the word "Repeat:"

4. Below the General section, add the location and description of the event:

5. If you are a instructor and chose to make an event associated with your course, then you're all done with event creation! Just click the blue "Create" button!

If you are a student or instructor creating an event on a personal calendar, you will notice the "Add Attendees" section below the event description. Attendees who are NoteBowl users can be invited to the event. Just type their name and click their name when it appears.

6. When you have added all the attendees of the event, click the green "Add" button:

7. Click the blue "Create" button and your event will be created!

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