This article covers the basics of setting up a "Google Hangout on Air" on NoteBowl. If you're looking for details on how to set up a "Google Hangout", click here.

Starting a Google Hangout on Air

1. Click on the Bulletin tab within the course you would like to create a Google Hangout on Air.

2. Click on the video camera button (circled in green below) to the left of the blue "Post" button.

3. Click the empty circle near "Hangout on Air" and fill out the Google Hangout on Air's title (i.e. online lecture, class discussion, group presentation) in the first open box and the Hangout's description (i.e. time of Hangout, discussion subjects, key points) in the empty box below. When you've filled both, click the blue "Post" button (circled in green).

4. Look below, and now on the bulletin your Google Hangout on Air should appear!

Joining Your Google Hangout

1. Click the yellow "Join Hangout" button (circled in green in the example below) in the Hangout bulletin post.

2. A new tab should appear in your browser that contains the Google Hangout on Air. Make sure to navigate to that tab. Google's white pop-up window should appear, click the "Start Hangout on Air" button.

3. On the bottom of the screen, you will see an increasing percentage. Once that reaches 100%, and you are ready to start your broadcast, click the green "Start Broadcast" button (circled in blue below).

Wait! If you are planning on using the Q&A feature for your Google Hangout on Air, scroll to the bottom of this post and read about how to set it up. This must be done before pressing the Start Broadcast button.

4. A white pop-up window should appear, letting you know that the Google Hangout on Air will be recorded. Click the blue "OK" button. Keep in mind, this Hangout will only be viewable by those enrolled in your course or those with a direct link to the Hangout.

5. Once clicked, the Google Hangout on Air will be live! When you are finished with the session, make sure to click the red "Stop Broadcast" button on the bottom of the Hangout on Air (circled in green in the example below).

6. Once you've clicked the "Stop Broadcast" button, return back to the NoteBowl bulletin and you should see (within 3-5 minutes) the recorded Hangout on Air posted back on the bulletin. Click the play button and re-watch your recording!

Quick Tips: 

1. When speaking to the viewers of your Google Hangout on Air, there is around a 30 second delay in your video/audio. 

2. If you would like to edit your video when you are done with the broadcast, you can do so by going to YouTube. The hangout you just created will be privately uploaded under your YouTube account. 

Quick Tips for using Google Hangout on Air

Muting Yourself

If you ever need to mute your microphone, just click the "Mute" button at the top of the Hangout on Air (circled below).

Turning off your Video Camera

If you ever need to turn off your computer, just click the "Turn Camera Off" button at the top of the Hangout on Air (circled below).

Chatting within the Google Hangout on Air

If you would like to open a chat room in the Google Hangout, just click the "Chat" icon on the left of the Google Hangout (circled in green below)

Once you have clicked the "Chat" icon, a chat room will open on the right of your screen.

Sharing your Screen in a Google Hangout on Air

If you would like to share the images on your computer screen, just click the "Screenshare" icon on the left of the Google Hangout on Air (circled in green below).

Once clicked, you will have the option to share portions or your entire screen. Choose what you would like to share, and click "share".

Quick Tip: Sharing your screen is a great feature to use when you need to present a slideshow or show a quick image from your screen!

Setting up a Q&A section for Students to ask Questions

If you would like to allow students who are watching the Google Hangout on Air to be able to ask questions during the session, you can either do it through Hangouts or on the NoteBowl bulletin.

If you choose to do it through the bulletin, simply post on the bulletin notifying your students to ask their questions there.

If you choose to do Q&A through Hangouts, read the instructions below:

Note: There is a known bug which Google has not fixed when it comes to the Q&A feature, but there is a work-around. This must be done within 5-10 seconds, so read through the following steps before you take any action. Follow these steps quickly to set up your Q&A:

1. After the percentage loads to 100% (as seen in step 3 above), click the Q&A icon on the left side of the screen. Once clicked a chat window will appear on the right side.

2. Click the "Off/On" button on the top of the right pop-out window:

3. Quickly, click the green "Start Broadcast" button.

4. Immediately click "ok" when Google's pop-up window appears:

Watch this video below to see the Q&A set-up process. Make sure your browser window is small enough to rapidly finish each step:

If you have additional, specific Google Hangout questions, please visit Google's support center by clicking here.

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