Viewing the Gradebook

To view your class grades, first navigate to the course who's grades you would like to view. Next, click on the Grades tab at the top of your screen:

When your grades appear, you will see something similar to our example below! You can see your overall grade at the top left of your grades (circled in green below). If your teacher drops the lowest grade from a category, you will see a circle yellow "!" to the left of the grade being dropped (circled in blue below).

Viewing Specific Assignment or Quiz/Test Grades

Once you are within Grades, click on the title of the assignment or quiz/test you would like to view. For example, you can click one of the titles circled in green below.

If you click on an assignment, you will be brought directly to the Assignment's description page and dropbox.

If you click on a quiz/test title, you'll be brought to the exam results.

Quick Tip: You can also view your grade for a specific assignment in the Assignments tab. To learn how to do this, click here!

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