This article covers the basics of joining a "Google Hangout on Air" on NoteBowl. If you're looking for details on how to set up a "Google Hangout", click here.

Joining a Google Hangout on Air

1. Click on the Bulletin tab within the course you would like to join a Google Hangout on Air.

2. Once your instructor has created a Hangout on Air, a post should appear in the bulletin. Click the yellow "Join Hangout" button (circled in green in the example below) in the Hangout bulletin post.

2. A new tab should appear in your browser that contains the Google Hangout on Air. Make sure to navigate to that tab. Google will ask you if you are ready to join the call. Click the green "Join" button.

Quick Tip: If you join the Hangout early, you may see the NoteBowl waiting room appear (shown below). Keep the tab open and once your Professor joins the Hangout, you will be brought to the Hangout as well.

3. You will be brought into the Q&A room, where you'll be able to watch the Hangout on Air. If your professor has set up a Q&A, you'll be able to type questions to be asked to your professor or presenter(s). The image below shows what a Hangout on Air looks like before the presentation begins:

Once the video has started, it will show where the image is located in the example below. You can rewind the live video by toggling the red line on the bottom. You can ask a question to those presenting by clicking the green button "Ask a new question".

If you have additional, specific Google Hangout questions, please visit Google's support center by clicking here.

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