This article covers how to take a test/quiz as a student.

Finding Your Quiz/Test

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab within the course where the quiz/test is located:

2. Click on the Quiz/Test you are seeking to take. For this example, we want to take the "Mathematics Chapter 1" test:

3. The test's description will appear. Make sure to read everything on this page. When you are ready to begin your test, click the blue "Start New Submission" button.

4. Start answering each question by selecting the bubble(s) or typing in the correct box. For example, once you find the correct answer, click where the green circle is below:

Once you have selected an answer, the "Q" boxes will turn blue when the answer is saved:

5. When you have filled out all questions, scroll to the bottom. Make sure all "Q" boxes are blue, and then click the green "Submit" button to turn in and finish your quiz.

A pop-up window will appear re-asking you if you want to turn in your quiz/test. Click the green "Submit" button again. Once selected, you will be finished!

Quick Tip: Don't forget to keep the timer, located in the top right of your screen during the quiz, in mind when taking your quiz:

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