This article covers how to view an assignment, its details and rubric, and how to upload a submission for the assignment. If you're looking to view submitted assignments, click here.

Viewing an Assignment

1. Navigate to the Assignment tab within the course. Then, select the assignment title of the assignment you are looking to view.

2. The assignment will open and you'll see the Assignment description directly at the top:

3. Below, you may see an embedded YouTube video that your professor may ask you to watch. To watch the video, just click the circle "Play" button:

4. Beneath the YouTube video, you will see files associated with the assignment. These could be rubrics or assignment instructions. To view them, click the magnifying glass that appears when you hover over the image. See how to do this in the clip below:

5. Once you are ready to submit your assignment, click on the green "Upload" button at the bottom of the Assignment's page. Select the file(s) you desire to upload, open them, and then add any comments in the text box below. When you are ready to submit, click the blue "Submit Assignment" button.

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