This article covers how to view an already submitted assignment, and speak with your professor about assignments within a private window.

Viewing an Assignment

First, navigate to the Assignments tab within the course page from which you're looking to view a assignment. Take a look at the example below. If you want to view your submitted assignment, "Submit 300 word introduction", just click on the title (circled in green).

Once you click the assignment title, you'll be brought to the assignment's individual page. As you can see below, to the left of the the assignment title you can see the grade you received on the assignment:

If you are trying to view your submitted assignment, scroll down and click the blue magnifying glass on the right of the screen (circled in green below).

When clicked, the NoteBowl viewer will open, allowing you to view your submission.

The NoteBowl viewer simplifies the grading experience and provides an instant private chat between you and your professor.

To edit the viewing size of the submitted document, look to the top right of the viewer (circled in green):

Scroll up and down on the document to view the entirety of your submission.

On the right of the NoteBowl viewer, you'll see a chat window. This chat gives you and your professor a private window to converse about the submission or assignment. As you can see in the example below, Logan, the student, had a question regarding his assignment and Dr. Randolph uploaded a rubric for the assignment.

To post text, just type in the empty box at the bottom of the chat window. To upload any files, just click the paperclip icon (circled in green).

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