This article covers how to grade assignments and tests/quizzes. If you're looking to read how to use NoteBowl's assignment quick grader & private feedback chat function, click here.

Grading Assignments in Grades

1. Navigate to the Grades tab within the course you would like to assign grades.

2. Scroll to the left or right within Grades to find the grade column you would like to enter grades to.

3. Click a box in the column you scrolled to and type in the corresponding grade for the student on the left of the row. When you have typed the grade, hit "return" on your computer keyboard and the box below the current row will now be selected.

4. Repeat this process for the entirety of the assignment!

Grading Tests/Quizzes

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab within the course you would like to assign grades.

2. Click the name of the test/quiz you would like to grade from the main Assignment navigation. In the example below, we selected "Final Exam" to grade.

3. Once the name of the test/quiz is selected, you will have the option to grade by each student's exam, or by each question of the exam.

4. As you can see, NoteBowl automatically grades certain questions based on the "correct answer" you assigned the question while building the quiz. If you have not assigned correct answers to questions, you will have to grade each question. "Free Response" questions are the only questions that NoteBowl cannot automatically grade.

5. To grade a question that needs grading, click the question name.

6. View the student's response, type the appropriate grade, and scroll down to the next student's response. Repeat this process for each student until all responses are accounted for.

7. Each time you type a grade and hit "return", the grade is automatically saved. So, once you've graded each response for each question, the quiz/test grading will be complete.

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