Welcome to the new school year! Here at NoteBowl we're glad to have you on board for an exciting semester. To help you and your students succeed, we're happy to announce our newest feature: Discussion Boards.

Starting today, with Discussion Boards, your class can have graded discussion assignments with the same ease and convenience as the NoteBowl Bulletin. Students can create posts, comment, and engage in hearty conversations all while being graded for your course. Take a look below to learn how to create, view, and grade your first Discussion Board assignment!

Creating Discussion Board assignments

1. Click on the left navigation tab with the name of the course you would like to create a Discussion Board assignment for.

2. Click on the Assignments tab within your course:

3. Click on the blue Create Assignment button:

4. Type the title of the Discussion Board assignment, select it's category, enter the amount of points the assignment is worth, and explain the assignment in the description box:

5. Pick a due date and a visible date for the assignment. Attach any necessary files associated with the assignment.

6. Under the Submissions section, select "Discussion Board" from the drop down menu. If you would like students to turn in their assignment late, click the empty box next to the drop down menu labeled "Allow late submissions".

7. Under the Discussion Board Options section, type the minimum number of posts each student will have to create for the assignment. Then, type the minimum number of comments each student will have to submit for the assignment. In the example below, students will have to ask one question and comment twice to achieve a full grade on the Discussion Board Assignment:

Quick tip: If you would like to require students' posts or comments to be a minimum number of words, simply type the minimum number in the drop down box. You can either recommend or require students to write desired lengths.

8. Click the blue Create button and the assignment will be created!

Viewing Discussion Board assignments

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab within the course where the Discussion Board Assignment lies. Find the assignment, and click on it's title:

2. At the top of the assignment, you'll see it's description and any attachments.

3. Below, you can navigate between two views. First, Submissions is a list of students' names, if they have met the requirements of the assignment, if the student's assignment needs grading, and what the grade the student has received.

4. Second, Discussion Board shows you the actual discussion board for the assignment. If you would like to share a post, type in the empty box at the top and click the blue Share button. If you would like to comment on a student's post, scroll to the student's post, type in the empty box below the post and click the blue Reply button.

Grading Discussion Board Assignments

1. Navigate to the Assignments tab within the course where the Discussion Board Assignment lies. Find the assignment, and click on it's title:

2. Scroll to the bottom half of the assignment and select the Submissions tab:

3. Students who have completed the assignment will have an orange text saying "Needs Grading" in their Status column. If you would like to grade Alec Stapp's assignment, for example, first click on the blue magnifying glass icon to the right:

4. Once you click the icon, a window will appear with the student's participation in the Discussion Board assignment. On the bottom of the browser, you'll see the different posts and comments the student has written. By clicking, you can see each submission:

5. On the right of your browser, you'll see the grade box, the word count per post/comment, and a text box for you and the student to converse about their assignment:

6. To assign a grade to the student's submission, type the number grade in the empty box on the right of your browser. When you're done, hit "enter" on your keyboard!

7. You can also grade the student's assignment from the Submission view by entering in their grade in the Grade column:

If you have any questions about the Discussion Board feature, click the blue circle "chat" icon on the bottom right of your browser to speak directly with the NoteBowl support team! We'd be happy to help!

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