This article covers the difference between Weighted and Unweighted grading, and how to add weighted grades to your course.

Weighted vs. Unweighted

Ever wondered how grades are computed on NoteBowl? Here's a quick glance at the two different computations

Unweighted Grades: The total points a student receives on all assignments is divided by the total points of all grades.

Weighted grades: The total points a student receives for each grade category is multiplied by the "weight/percentage" tied to that category. The total points from each category is then added together to get the final grade.

Adding and Editing Weighted Categories

The standard grading system on NoteBowl is unweighted grades, however if you would like to add weighted grades, follow the steps below:

1. Click the Grades tab within the course you would like to add weighted grades to:

2. Click the blue Edit Categories button:

3. Click the empty box next to "Weighted Categories". A check mark should appear:

2. Edit the percentage weight each grade category holds by typing in the "Weight" category. Remember, all percentages must add up to 100%

3. Click the blue "Save" button.

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