This article covers how to edit test/quiz questions, including the type of question, question details, points per question, and quiz date. 

If you're looking for how to set up the framework for your quiz, click here.

Editing Your Test/Quiz

Changing elements of your test/quiz once the framework is built is quite simple with NoteBowl! First, select the course the quiz is in from the left course navigation bar. Once you are in your course, navigate to the Assignments tab and look for the quiz you desire to edit, and click on it. In the example below, in the Assignments tab we selected the "Mathematics Chapter 1" quiz:

The first section of the page allows you to edit the due date for the quiz, but before you adjust dates move to the Questions section (circled in green below) to create/edit your quiz's content.

Editing Quiz Questions

Since you have already created the framework for the quiz, when you scroll down to the Questions section, you should see your first Question already waiting for you!

To change the Question Type, click the drop down menu and choose from Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Free Response, or True/False question formats. Once you have selected the Question Type, look to the right of the editor to the Question Points box and confirm the number of points the question will be worth.

In the large box below Question Text, type out the question. Depending on the Question Type, the Possible Answers section may vary. However, fill out the variety of responses and select, choose, or write the correct answer as well.

Students will not see the correct answer, but once their quiz is submitted, NoteBowl will immediately grade based on your selected answer. 

If you would like to delete an answer that you created, simply click the "x" to the right of the answer you would like removed.

Repeat this process until you have finished writing every question for your quiz.

Adding or Removing Questions

If you find you need to add an additional question to the quiz, scroll back up to just above the first question and click the blue button titled "Add Question".

If you find you need to remove a question from the quiz, scroll to the quiz question you'd like deleted and click the "x" across from the Question "#" (as seen below).

Changing the Date of your Quiz/Test

Scroll to the very top of your quiz and notice the "Test/Quiz Note Published" section. Next to the word "Available", select the date and time you would like Students to be able to access and complete the quiz. Next to the word "Until", select the date and time you would like Students to be able to access and complete the quiz until.

When you have selected your dates and times, click the green "Publish Test/Quiz" button (circled in green below). Now your quiz is ready to go!

In the example below, students will be able to take the quiz on August 3rd, 2015 from 8:00am to 8:00pm. 

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