This article covers how to create a group assignment. This serves as an addendum to the article on the basics on creating an assignment, which can be found by clicking here. It's best to start there if this is your first time creating any assignment.

Group Assignments

First, navigate to the Assignments tab within the course page you're looking to create an assignment. Click the blue "Create Assignment" button and fill out the assignment details. Once you have created the initial framework of your assignment, you will see the Submission section.

Next to Submission Type, select the drop-down menu and you'll have the option to have "No Submission" (for a group assignment without any submitted files) or "Online Submission" (for group assignments that require submitted files). Select "Online Submission" and now the assignment you've created will require students to submit their work by the due date you've pre-selected.

Quick Tip: If you'd like to allow students to submit their assignments late, click the checkbox "Allow Late Submissions" next to the drop-down menu. When this is selected, the group will be allowed to turn in their submission past the due date, but the assignment will be marked late.

In the Individual or Group drop-down menu, below Submission Type, select "Group".

When you select "Group", a new menu titled "Group Options" will appear below Submissions:

In the first row, Enrollment Type, NoteBowl currently only supports self-enrollment in groups. This means students choose their own group after the assignment is created. Enter a maximum students you would like per group into the second row, Max # of Students per Group. In the third row, # of Groups, enter the total number of groups you would like to be created.

The last row, Total Capacity, keeps you aware of the number of students in your course and if you've created enough groups for the size of your course. If you need to add more, NoteBowl will alert you:

Once you have filled out all the required sections in assignment creation, click the blue "Create" button and your assignment will be designed!

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