This article covers the basic setup of a quiz/test framework. If you have already created your framework, click here to learn how to edit question details and quiz due dates.

If you are looking on information on how to grade or view the quiz/test response, click here

Creating the Quiz Framework

First, navigate to the Assignments tab on the course page. Within the assignment tab, click the blue button (circled in green below) titled "Create Test/Quiz".

Once you have clicked the "Create Test/Quiz button, a pop-up window will open prompting you to title your quiz. Next to Title, type the name you would like the quiz to be publicly displayed as. Next to Category, select the category from the drop-down menu from which the quiz should lie within. If you haven't created your categories or need help to add a new category, click here for instructions.

Time Limit is simply the amount of time your students will have to take their quiz/test. Type only numbers in this section, in the form of how many minutes you would like your students to have. In the Description box, be sure to detail any tips or information your students should read before they begin taking their exam.

In the example below, our professor has created a quiz titled "Mathematics Chapter 1" in the Quiz category that the students have 20 minutes to take. For the quiz, the professor makes sure to remind the students the quiz is open book and open note!

Below the "General" section, you will see a section titled "Questions". This section simply creates a framework for your quiz. Once you move past the Quiz framework builder, you can edit the number of questions, the format, and the points for each question.

Next to Default Type, select the question format the quiz will most often have. For example if you are creating a ten question quiz with 6 Multiple Choice questions, choose Multiple Choice.

By Initial # of Questions, enter the number of questions you think your quiz will have. Next to Default Points, enter the number of points each question will be worth.

When you're ready to create your quiz, click the blue button titled "Create" (circled in green below).

In the example below, the created quiz will have four Multiple Choice questions, each worth five points.

Once you've created the framework for your quiz, you'll now have the opportunity to edit the question details and other quiz details. Click to this article to finish building your quiz.

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