Any file, link, or folder in the Documents tab can be shared as a post on the bulletin. Instead of an attachment, the post will display the item itself (in the case of a file or external link) and a link back to the item's folder in the Documents tab:

You can share an item by clicking the right-arrow icon in the document row (when you hover over the icon, a Share on Bulletin tooltip will appear). If you click the icon for a file or link, the Share File to Bulletin window will open.

Share File to Bulletin


Anything entered in the Text input box will become the body of the post. 


You can select between two options for the Visibility of the shared file:

  1. Now. This file will be immediately shared.

  2. Delay Release. This post will not be visible by all users until the specified date/time. The date/time input will appear when you select this option.

Finishing Up

Click Create to share your file and be redirected to a page containing the new post. You can also click Cancel (or click outside of the Share File to Bulletin window) at any point to close the window without sharing.

In the new post example, you can see that "Here is a sample text file." has become the body of the post, and sample_file.txt has become an attachment. Clicking the filename will view the file; clicking View Folder will redirect you to the folder on the Documents tab that contains this file.

Share Folder to Bulletin

Sharing a folder to the bulletin works identically to sharing a file. You can see below that the window is identical, other than the header:

However once a folder is shared to the bulletin, the attachment will be a link back to the Documents tab:

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