Inside the Documents tab, click Add to open a dropdown menu, then click Link to open the Add External Link window.

Add External Link Window

You can enter the URL of your link in the External Link text input. (This must begin with http://). You can also enter a custom name in the Title text input. If you do not, it will just default to displaying the full link as the title.


You can select between three options for the Visibility of the link:

  1. Public. This link will be visible to all users with access to the Documents tab of this course, group, or club.

  2. Private. For courses, this link will not be visible to students, but will be visible to other professors, admins, or teaching assistants for that course. For groups and clubs, this link will not be visible to members, but will be visible to other group/club admins.

  3. Delay Release. This link will be set to Private until a date and time that you specify, at which point it will become Public. The date/time input will appear when you select this option.

Finishing Up

Click Create to add your link to the Documents tab. You can always edit links later by clicking the pencil icon on the link.

You can also click Cancel (or click outside of the Add External Link window) at any point to close the window without saving. 

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