The alt text field is used for images to add hidden text for screen readers. It’s best to keep the alt text of images clear and concise. You can learn more here:

Descriptions will be used to display longer supplementary text to users. This includes transcriptions of audio and video content for accessibility, or longer descriptions for images for screen readers.

You can edit alt text and descriptions through the file viewer. When uploading an attachment, open the file viewer by clicking the magnifying glass icon. 

You can also open the file viewer for an existing image by clicking on it directly.

Please note that the examples shown here are of attachments in the bulletin, but this functionality is identical in the Documents section of courses, groups, and clubs.

Once the file viewer is open, you can begin editing by clicking either the pencil icon, Add Description, or Add Alt Text (you will also be able to rename the file here).

Once you're done editing, click the Save button to finalize your changes (or click Cancel if you've changed your mind).

Once the description or alt text has been set, it can always be changed later by clicking the pencil icon next to File Details.

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