New Features

[Assessments] Extra Credit Support

Assessments now have the option to mark individual questions as extra credit. This allows instructors to create assessments that have extra questions or extra weight without having to set user weighted categories. 

[Admin] Support for "View Notebowl As"

By accessing the "View Notebowl As" option in the key icon dropdown, administrators can view the platform as if logged in as any other user within their university. All actions will be disabled while viewing as another user 

We've added some makeup and wardrobe to all of our links. Now when you insert a link to an article or video, a "pretty" preview of that link will appear to make the post more presentable and provide more information to other users.

Bug Fixes

[Folders] Fix for naming convention

Entering a folder that is only named with a period no longer redirects users to the bulletin instead of the folder.

[Groups] Pending Lock/Unlock All

The option to lock or unlock all groups no longer gets stuck.

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