New Features

[Dashboard]  Time Machine

Administrators now have the ability to view all past versions of a course, user, group or club object and restore them to any past version with a click of a button. This feature is v1 and there are more types of items planned for future support. 

[A11Y] Aria Support for Date Picker

We have added full accessibility support for all date/time pickers to allow screen readers to better interact with these elements. 


Course Document Notifications

Students can now choose to subscribe to course notifications for when a professor uploads or changes a link or a document.

Group Document Notifications

Group members can now choose to subscribe to notifications for when an admin uploads or changes a link or a document.

[Dashboard] Course Stats 

Courses in dashboard now have the amount of space consumed by the course available as a statistic. 

[Dashboard] Course Sorting

The global courses page in dashboard is now sortable by name. The need to click through multiple pages was also removed.


Emails now attempt to send multiple times if the first try is unsuccessful. Admins will now receive an email if an email in their domain has failed more than 5 times. 

Speed Improvements 

We have dramatically improved the performance of the gradebook for larger courses along with providing better support for bulk emails. Max send rate went from 100 emails per second to 800 emails per second.

Common Course Cartridge Imports

We have expanded the amount of file formats we support for CCC imports in the dashboard. We now support all versions of Blackboard and newer versions of Canvas. We also added support for importing question banks via CCC. 

[A11Y] Notebowl Colors

All of the colors on our platform have been adjusted to match WCAG 2.0 AAA requirements. Users may notice some colors may not be as bright, but we promise it's for the best!

[A11Y] Audio Recordings

Audio inputs are now much more compatible with tabs and screen reader navigation. 

[Course Setup Wizard] Improvements

We have added a filter to facilitate importing multiple items from multiple courses. We have also added a step to help professors set up their grade scales.

Bug Fixes

Course Availability in Left Bar

Courses which have an available date before the term date now show up correctly as upcoming courses in upcoming terms. 

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