Private and controlled environment

You have the ability to setup an infrastructure to scale your communities in your classrooms online for users. Utilize a private and completely controlled environment to manage your entire program, without users having to go to another platform or environment to do it. Notebowl puts everything inside of your LMS experience, integrated seamlessly, so you have the ability to keep users inside your already established environment.

Create a networking community

Looking to engage your users beyond the content they are running through? Notebowl provides for the first time, an open community environment for users to engage and networking among each other. They can use this to share stories, thoughts, opinions, ask questions or provide insight to other users. It provides an ability to extend conversation from face-to-face to online. And if it's only online, it's now the only way to converse with one another. Notebowl brings that campus like experience to your classrooms, with an academic feel. It's super powerful for users and they'll enjoy it since they are already used to the social media feel from other platforms.

Increase retention and enrollment

By providing an environment that connects people together, you have the ability to increase interactions, develop relationships, make friends and ultimately, keep people in the program. If your users are enjoying their experience and connecting with others, that is known to increase retention in programs and courses. User engagement is big especially with users outside of the educational walls. Providing a place where people can connect will also lead them back to want to experience it again. Giving the opportunity to scale and increase enrollment over time.

Dive deep into discussions on topics

Looking to go deep on conversations and certain topics? Notebowl provides just that and for corporate uses, gives the ability to network in groups on discussion boards, breakout topics across several boards, or just set metrics for users to hit when talking about topics. It's great for more intimate conversations and more private conversations with smaller groups or with larger groups just focused on certain topics. You have the ability to customize Notebowl discussion boards to your needs so users can have the best and most educational experience possible!

Content comes alive!

Having a community really engages the users in everything else that is going on in the course online. They can interact not only about things they'd like to ask or questions they have, but include content, materials, videos and more from the course. You can use the news feed we call the bulletin to engage users in your content and understand materials, lessons and presentations more effectively. With community, your content is that much stronger and understood effectively!

Hold meetings with groups

Need a place for groups to meet? We have hangouts integrated into our bulletin (i.e. news feed) that gives users the ability to jump on for a session, quick 1:1 chat, or a training video chat. 

Extend networking beyond the course

Taking networking beyond the course is now possible with Notebowl! Setup your communities and have alumni talk with one another in their course beyond completing the program or modules. Users can use the environment to connect back to their program and programs can use it to engage their alumni in other courses they might be interested in taking. This allows for the endless cycle of community and increases the likelihood for users to enroll in future courses or share their positive experiences with others. Also, to continue to get help from fellow colleagues as they continuously learn in their careers.

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