Seamlessly Integrated

Capture Notebowl inside of your courses and sync grades, modules/assignments, content and data back and forth automagically with LTI. Notebowl sits right inside the LMS navigation and allows the ability to access the tool like it's a part of the LMS experience.

Private Community for Classrooms

Traditional LMS' do not have a community environment upfront in the classroom navigation to let users (i.e. instructors, students, admin) all make announcements. Notebowl brings announcements to everyone in your courses, making it a central hub of community collaboration for the classrooms online. It's private, social-media like and brings a place where you can post, comment, like, share videos, audio, files or even jump into a google hangout for online video meetings!

Topic-based Community Discussions Boards

Want to dive deep into discussion but are finding that the LMS discussions lack engagement? Well, you've found your solution with Notebowl's unique social media style to discussion boards, plus a grading dashboard with metrics and analytics just for you! With Notebowl you can set metrics for posts, comments and word count minimums and also require those metrics for discussions, which no LMS provides.

Grade with Ease

Normally, in the LMS it can take hours upon hours to grade discussion boards. With Notebowl, we solve that by automagically compiling all posts, comments, likes into one place and give you a live preview for all student interactions when you are grading each student. That way, you see all interactions for each student in one click, and you can also see the comments above and below the student you are grading. Which also enables you to see the post that the student was commenting on, which is a big difference maker compared to traditional LMS grading which does not allow for that.

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