Grade Display

You can access the grade display by selecting 'Grade Display' from settings within the Grades tab. 


Grades Calculation - Points

There are two options for how points are handled within your gradebook. 

Enabled Vs Disabled

The "Enabled" option means that within a grade category, you may have different assignments with different weights. For example, if you have a category called "Test" where Test 1 is worth 40% of the Test category whereas Test 2 and Test 3 are worth 20% each, you will want to enable points in this setting. You can then allot 40 points to Test 1 and 20 points each to Test 2 and 3. 

Note: Enabling points does NOT necessarily mean that students will see point values for assignments. You can can control the way each grade is displayed when you create an assignment/grade. 

"Disabled" means that all the assignments within a grade category will have the same weight. For eg, all tests in the Test category will carry the same weight.
This applies to the entire gradebook, not per category. So you will want to select "disabled" only when you have equal distribution of weight within each grade category in your course.

Grade Calculation- Letter Grade Override

This setting only applies if you are grading any of your assignments using letter grades. 

When grading with a letter grade, the value of that grade is determined based on the grade scale settings. If you use letter grades but do not use the determined grade scale, you will want to check "Enable letter grade override". For example, if you give a B to one student with 80 and another student with 82, then you will be overriding letter grades. 

Note: If you choose this feature, students will see both the letter grade and the deviated value they have been given. 

Grade Calculation - GPA / Percentage

You can choose the type of grade scale you will be using here. The grade scale itself can be set by choosing “Grade Scale” from the settings menu. 

The blue box on the bottom of the window will update based on your chosen setting.

Grade Calculation - Grade Rounding / Decimal Precision

This feature allows you to choose how your grades are rounded and determine how many decimals over you will use with your grades.

The blue box on the bottom of the window will update based on your chosen setting.

Grade Visibility

The visibility of the Gradebook for students, TAs as well as instructors in the course can be modified under the Grade Visibility section.  

The Average Grade can be displayed as points, GPA or a letter grade for the different roles. You can simply check the corresponding box to update the grade view of the corresponding role. 

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