Note: The course content can be imported by professors only if they are enrolled as an instructor in the course that they are looking to transfer the course content from. Admins can import course content as long as they are the admins for the University under which the course is listed or if they are admins for the course that needs to be imported. 

In order to import course content from a previous course, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the course that you wish to import the content into from under the "Courses" tab on the leftmost column of your Notebowl

  2. Select "Import from Course" under the "More" tab of the course page.

   3.  This will open a new window that looks like below- 

   4.  Select the term that contains the course you wish to import content from
   5.  Select the course from the dropdown menu (from which the content needs to be          copied)
   6.  Check the respective boxes corresponding to assessments, assignments,                      documents and grade settings to determine the content that needs to be                       imported.
   7.  Click the blue "Import" button to start the import.

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