The tabs on the course page can be customized to suit the course language. They can also be enabled or disabled to the students

By default, the tabs on Notebowl are Bulletin, Roster, Documents, Assignment, Grades and About providing access to the news feed, student roster, course related material, assignments & tasks, grades and details about the course respectively.

These tabs can be easily customized. In order to do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on "Tab Settings" in the "More" tab of your course page.

    2. Enter a custom title for each tab that you wish to rename. 

    3. Hit "Save"

In order to disable the tabs, simply uncheck the corresponding boxes. Once you make the changes, hit "Save".

Note: All the tabs can be renamed, enabled or disabled except the bulletin tab. The bulletin can be renamed but cannot be disabled. 

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