New Features

Email Students from Roster
Now when navigating to the roster, there are checkboxes next to every students' name which allows instructors to select which students they wish to send a direct message to. Once selected, the professor can press the blue mail icon in the control bar to open a composer and send a message.

Text Submissions
Students can now submit text as a part of the file submission type. A full text area now exists for students to type in responses and submit. Text displays as a text file for professors to make grading and viewing easy. 

Course Importer
Within the assignments tab, professors can now import assignments from past courses easily with just a few clicks. By "+ Add" button, and selecting "Import", instructors can choose one or many assignments or assessments to port into the current course. 

We've added the ability to "view as" another user for instructors on a specific date. This helps instructors see what their course is going to look like with scheduled posts, hidden documents or assignments that are yet to be released. Instructors can also see the student view for a past date.


Reopening Submissions
Now any type of submission can be reopened, including timed submissions. Reopening a timed submission resets the clock for the student and preserves existing answers.

Bug Fixes

Zip Downloads on Windows
On windows machines, sometimes zip files generated by Notebowl would not open or would open only to be empty inside. We have tracked down the reason for this and are happy to report that this problem has been resolved!

Secondary Login's
We squashed a small bug which prevented some parents from being able to login to their children's accounts using their own username and password combination. 

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