Notebowl was built to comply with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) by design. Notebowl is a cloud hosted Social Learning solution which integrates with campus security systems to authorize access to FERPA classified data. Notebowl can be implemented as a standalone system, add on or as an integrated component of other LMS's using LTI authentication. Regardless of integration type, Notebowl by default only stores the user's first and last name, along with academic email address and possibly a user profile picture if provided. If Notebowl is asked to hold more information than listed above, it will be clarified in the per institution contract. 

Notebowl provides institutions with many options for managing and auditing the data on the platform to comply with the governing outlines of FERPA and our obligations along with the institution's responsibilities under its requirements. These options include security logs which show what resources were accessed when and by who. We also make available on the platform lists of user sessions which contain meta data including where the user is accessing data from along with what type of browser they are using. The Notebowl support team can also provide any further logs or content to administrators as need within 48 hours of a request. This includes, but is not limited to, data around posts made by users, content accessed by a user, content created or modified by user or lists of users who accessed single resources on the platform.

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