On the home page, courses are listed under 'Courses' section when the term i.e. semester is active. If the term has not started, then the section displays "No active courses" (see image below)

In order to access inactive courses, the professor can click on the double arrows next to 'Courses'

In order to make a course available to students, the professor may edit its date of availability.

Making a course available to students before the semester begins

1. Go on the required course page by clicking on it from the 'Courses' or 'Other courses' section (as shown in the image above)

2. Once you are on the required course page, click on the 'About' tab.

3. Under 'Course at glance', click on 'Available'. 

4. Change the date to whenever you want to make the course available and hit 'Save'

Quick tip: If you wish to make the course live immediately, select today's date. If the term is inactive, the course will appear in the 'Other courses' section. 

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