Our team has been very hard at work and we have a bunch of great features in this release!

New Features

Anonymous Commenting
With just a click on our new anonymous icon in the comment bar, your comments can now be hidden from fellow students!

Assessment Randomization
With this release comes a bunch of great options along with new options for assessments! When creating or editing an assessment you can now select the order generation for an assessment between "normal" and "random"! If you have suggestions for other modes shoot us a comment!

Document Release Date
For those of you who want more of an autopilot feel we have a few feature for you! Now within documents you can set the release date of a document or folder as an inherent part of its visibility. 

Submissions as Google Docs
There has been many requests for some sort of ability to provide in-line feedback on student work after it's submitted. Today we are very excited to announce that, if enabled by your university administrator, all doc and docx submissions will be automatically converted to Google Docs upon submission. This locks the document and allows instructors to submit "track changes" feedback directly back to the student. An example of what this looks like is available below.


Enable/Disable Course Features for Students Only
We've gotten some feedback that the grade book can be misleading at times and that the ability to selectively hide it would be great. Without further adieu we're launching an expansion to the tabs options in courses. 

As always, please let us know if you have any ideas for features or improvements as we are constantly building! 

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